Our January 2016 meeting is hosted by our president, Giancarlo Pirrone.  Designer and former architecture instructor (Georgia Tech and Harvard University) hour host wears a number of hats.  He is one of the top builders-house-renovators in the Metro area, an energy-saving advanced-technology consultant, a well-weathered real estate investor, a Summer Stage Business Tutor (Harvard and Emory Business Schools), a restaurant owner and a consumed jazz-musician. Giancarlo is an avid art colletor, a volleyball player and a home chef.  He is a father of two lovely girls, and the happy caretaker of two young cats, Stormy and Smokey.

ATTENTION GUESTS: The buy viagra house is not a safe environment for young children.  In addition, due to the art and modern furniture, red wine is not hentai movie permitted at this venue, as well as any nude celebrities pasta or food with sauce.  Fell free to bring white wine or Prosecco at this event.

PARKING RULES: you may park anywhere on the northern side of Beverly Road (same side of the house) or iphone porn by the two round plazas below the property, along Montgomery Ferry.  Please, do not block any neighbohr's driveway.

TUESDAY, gay bareback JANUARY 26, 2016  TIME: 7:00 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.

Giancarlo Pirrone
280 gay sex Beverly Rad, NE
Atlanta cartoon porn videos GA 30309