No lengthy presentation is needed for your host. A people lover, passionate art collector, a chef in the closet and musician of sorts, Giancarlo Pirrone has been promoting and supporting Ciancia for twenty years.  Born in Italy, Giancarlo came to the U.S. in 1978 for graduate studies in architecture.  After an Ivy League itinerary, he taught at Georgia Tech and practiced architecture in Atlanta. Giancarlo is a designer, a builder and a real-estate-development consultant.  His pledge to academic education has continued as mentor to graduate students from prestigious programs in the U.S. and abroad.  Giancarlo is founder of AGP properties, LLC, a real estate holding company, managing partner of Sambuca Costruzioni, in London U.K., and, most recently, designer and partner-owner of the restaurant Varuni-Napoli.

FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2014             time: 7:00-10:30 p.m.

Giancarlo Pirrone

280 Beverly Road, NE (Ansley Park)
Atlanta, GA 30309

FOOD AND WINE POLICY (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY): You are welcome to bring food to this event, though nothing with red sauce and no red wine either, due to the art and white floors.  No cooking is possible: make sure that any food you decide to bring is ready for consumption.  If you decide to bring wine, please, get a white or a Prosecco.


Traveling Southbound on I-75 or I-85: take Exit 250 named “10th/14th/17th Street”.  Stay on your right-end lane, the exit will take a sharp right at 16th Street, going uphill into Atlantic Station. Take your second right turn, by State Street.  Go up the ramp to 17th street.  Make a right turn on 17th Street, back toward and over the Interstate, by the long 17th Street bridge. Cross the intersection with Spring Street, bearing on your two left lanes.  The next intersection is West Peachtree, in front of a rounded glass building: make a left turn at the light onto West Peachtree.

At West Peachtree: As you head north on West Peachtree, bear on your two right-hand lanes.  In three blocks, you will merge onto Peachtree St.  Bear on your extreme right-end lane when merging onto Peachtree Street.  As you pass the new Gas station, stay on your right-hand lane and turn right on Beverly Road (a narrow access), by WSB Broadcasting Station.  Stay on Beverly (bearing right), and drive for about 2/3 of a mile.  Beverly Road dead-ends on Montgomery Ferry, at an orange flashing light.  Make a left turn and find parking near the center island.  The house is the white one you just passed, at the corner of Beverly and Montgomery Ferry, a modern one, with metal balconies. As parking by the island or anywhere down the street, make sure you do not block any neighboring driveway.

Traveling Northbound on I-75-85: take exit “14th Street”, make a right turn on 14th Street, proceed over Spring Street and make a left turn on West Peachtree Street).  Stay on your right-hand lane.  West Peachtree merges with Peachtree Street.  Keep on your right-hand lane.  Then follow directions from West Peachtree.